Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nesting Project



As of late, one of my top priorities has been to turn our house into a home. We recently moved into a new place with plenty of space for my growing family. It has been a daunting task to decorate especially since our former place was an 800 square foot apartment. I was tempted to go into Ikea or West Elm and buy everything in one fell swoop. I quickly decided against this notion as I knew I couldn't achieve the aesthetic and character I was dreaming of, after all Rome was not built in one day.

After numerous trips to flea markets, estate sales and numerous hours searching eBay and Etsy. I found a rare gem for $45.00.  It isa  Mid Century radio unit. (The bottom portion is the speakers and the radio dials are enclosed by the wood top).

The piece was fairly beat up but with a little TLC and several trips to Home Depot to pick up sand paper, seal and a semi gloss finish; a perfect table to house our mini bar was achieved.

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