Friday, May 30, 2014

What to Wear on the Weekends

 Kimono-Free People (similar)/Jeans-H&M/Purse-Givenchy/Shoes-Chanel/Sunglasses-Garrett Leight (similar)

By the time the weekend comes around, I am burnt out on wearing my 9 to 5 office attire. The thought of putting on heels makes my toes ache (literally). More so, heels coupled with a pencil skirt are not conducive to chasing my toddler around; which is why the clothing above is on repeat. My weekend outfit includes two of my favorite trends of the moment which are, the lightweight Kimono and leather espadrilles. For more styling ideas and options on these trends be sure to check out my Pinterest page.

On another note, I finally purchased a new pair of sunglasses! I love the design and simplicity of these glasses, which are made in America by Garrett Leight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pre-Loved Clothing

Jacket-Petit Bateau (similar)/Pants-Baby Gap 

I am a big fan of recycling baby clothing, mainly due to the obvious financial reasons. Layla has out grown the newborn/infant stage and people expect her to be fully dressed and out of her jammies by noon.  In order to clothe my growing child and keep my pocket book plentiful, I have spent the past 6 months recruiting  pre-loved baby clothing, such as the adorable stripped jacket pictured above. This Petit Bateau coat deserves a standing ovation as Layla's two older cousins both wore this coat during their "12 month size" stint. It is a tiny miracle that this jacket is still in one piece and manages to look as good as new.

Besides raiding my nephew's closet, I discover great pre-loved baby apparel on E-Bay and Instagram. There are tons of Instagram accounts dedicated to pre-loved "Flash sales". For more information, follow Year of the Bib on Instagram and discover my favorite flash sale and E-Bay finds!  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Outdoor Casual

Sweater-Freepeople (similar) /Shirt-Freepeople/Jeans-H&M/Sandals-Seavees/Sunglasses-Derek Lam

One of Layla's favorite activities is stroller rides throughout our local park. My husband jokes that we frequent the park grounds more than Ranger Rick; today we even double dipped and went once in the morning and again in the late evening. 

Here are some of my favorite items that I have had on repeat to our park outings. These excursions are the perfect excuse to carry the daytime clutch, (which I mentioned in an previous post here ) as it fits perfectly in the diaper bag when need be. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Casual Dinner

Bag-Phillip Lim/Jeans-Black Orchid (similar)/Shoes-Zara/Shirt-Soft Joie

On Saturday we went out to dinner in Santa Barbara's notorious "funk zone".  This region of Santa Barbara hosts an eclectic mix of industrial buildings, wine tasting rooms, restaurants and one infamous adult entertainment facility. If you ever visit Santa Barbara, the Funk Zone is a must try stop, especially on "Second Saturdays" when the area hosts an art walk. For more ideas on where to stay and dine in Santa Barbara, check out my post here

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ten Things You Didn't Know You Needed in Your Wardrobe

1. The over sized hat- defines function plus fashion with its ability to conceal your hair's ineptness (whatever that might be).

2. Rockstar heels- no need to ponder what to wear out when you have these show ponies. This shoe speak volumes, especially when your outfit lacks panache.

3. Black lingerie- sometimes in life less is more.

4. The chambray-the "everyday jean" for your upper half. (Not to be worn with your daily jeans unless you are into that sort of thing..aka the Canadian tuxedo).

5.The day time clutch- the clutch is not only the bag de nuit. Many daytime functions warrant a smaller apparatus.

6. The lightweight trench-for far too long I looked like a bimbo showing up in winter coat mid spring; this coat is a must have in any region, (whether you are pulling it out mid spring or mid summer).

7. Statement Skirt-You already know you need the LBD but in order to have a true "Carrie" moment you need the full volume skirt.

8. The casual watch-I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I would love the Oyster Perpetual till the day I die but I don't think it would last that long. Expensive items seem to end up in our toilette or worse go completely if babies have a radar for theses sort of items.

9. The sexy running shoe-take it up a notch with the Nike Roshe; Chuck Taylors are so boring.

10.The metallic bag- No more swapping out your black and brown bag to match your attire. Metallic compliments virtually any color.