Monday, August 25, 2014

Made in America Mondays-Stokke High Chair

I am obsessed with this made in the USA Stokke High Chair.  An environmentally friendly wooden high chair that is handsome, sleek and most important not made out of plastic is a rare find. (I can't tell you how refreshing it is to lay eyes on a baby product that is not made out of plastic) At first glance it appears there is not much to write home about but the seat and footrest can be easily configured to fit a newly sitting 6-month-old with the rail baby set or it can be adjusted to even fit a full-grown adult, both in ergonomically correct positions. Also, included is a detachable tray (not imaged)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Cool Kids


It literally feels like yesterday my mom was taking my sister and I back to school shopping. I vividly remember how important it was to pick out the cool Trapper Keeper; having the "right" one could make or break you in elementary school. 

One of my best friends is a third grade teacher and I recently picked her brain on what the "cool kids"were stocking up on for this back to school season. Here were her top 7 favorite finds, which includes stylish water bottles and funky desk accessories. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The New Wedding Wear

Top-Helmet Lang (similar)/Skirt-FreePeople/Purse-Rebecca Minkoff/Shoes-Pedro Garcia (similar)

My favorite part of wedding season is witnessing the good, the bad and the occasional ugly ( the red armadillo cake) traditions of Holy Matrimony.  Thus far, my husband and I have had a continual supply of weddings to attend. However, as we have hit our 30's our inventory of single friends has dissipated and those nifty save the date magnets that previously cluttered our mail and fridge have been replaced by kids birthday party invites. In line with my current progression, I have changed my wedding attire tune. This past wedding season I focused on picking up items that would work well for other occasions, such as a dinner out with friends, a work event or even a baby shower.  This Free People skirt is a prime example of versatility. Pair this skirt with a graphic tee such as this and chunky boot (like this) for a fun night on the town.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Made in America Mondays-Pendleton Woolen Mills

Today's Made in America feature is the ever timeless and classic Pendleton brand! I adore this company's rustic aesthetics, American dream story and high quality luxury fabrics. I re-discovered Pendleton last winter when I was rummaging through some clothing in my parent's attic. I found a bag chock-full of our family's old ski clothing.  Among the neon ski bibs, Bolle metallic tinted goggles and Esprit beanies. I pulled out a beautiful, tribal print wool Pendleton sweater. I was smitten and even asked its mom (my mom) for permission to bring it back to Southern California with me. I have great dreams for this sweater which includes a journey to Big Sur in the fall.

Be sure to check out their For Little Ones section, which includes insanely cute hand stitched artwork such as this.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What to wear to a casual evening concert

Shirt-Rails/Jacket-Veda/Jeans-Joes/Shoes-TopShop/Bracelet-Vita Fede, Mansai/Tote-Free People

Do you ever consider wearing your PJ's out and about? If you answered yes, then you may want to check out Rails, a women's line that creates extremely comfortable, ultra soft button downs. Tonight I am wearing my rails shirt to a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl, one of my favorite out door venues.

On another fashion note, I recently picked up this reversible vegan tote from Free People.  This bag has become my make shift diaper bag. I unintentionally toss Layla's diapers and toys into this tote and leave her diaper bag in the dust; I have become so tired of lugging around an over sized diaper bag these days.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Made in America Mondays-Lucero Olive Oil Company

I am branching out today (pun intended) and featuring a product that is not baby, style or clothing related. In fact, this is the first "foodie" product to grace the pages of Year of the Bib. I do not consider myself a foodie, and if I am really being honest, I had Taco Bell last week, which is a hateful thing to foodies...but that was then and this is now. I am sharing this disclaimer because it validates my story about a tiny miracle that occurred in my kitchen.

Several months ago I hosted a small dinner party. My husband and I agreed to keep the menu simple; green salad, pork tenderloin, and rosemary scallop potatoes. I lightly doused Lucero’s rosemary infused olive oil along with other seasonings on the latter two menu items. The results were out of this world and subsequently two earth-shattering things occurred; (1) my husband informed me it was the best meal of his life and (2) my guest asked for my potato recipe. This of course opened Pandora’s box and I promptly ordered several varieties of their olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Here are three of my favorites. 1.2.3.

To learn more about the Lucero Olive Oil company please check out their website here or better yet visit this American owned and operated business in Northern California

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Santa Barbara's Hidden Gem-LotusLand

Today I am teaming up with RelayRides to discuss my hometown's hidden gem! When RelayRides inquired about Santa Barbara's best kept Secret, LotusLand was the first and only spot that came to mind.

It took me three years of living in Santa Barbara to discover this botanical mecca. In fact, my all knowing, horticultural enthusiast mom spilled the beans during one of her visits. She had heard about Lotusland from a friend who grew up near the estate and insisted we must make the trip. The tour of the 37 acre estate did not disappoint, I was blown away by the vast and lavish landscape including, the Japanese garden, succulent terrace, and citrus orchard. The tour even included juicy tidbits about the garden's visionary, Madame Walska, who was a well known, wanderlust opera singer in the 1920's and 1930's. Madame Walska and her 6th husband purchased the estate in the 1940's with the intent to open a retreat for Tibetan monks. When the monks never showed face, Madame Walska turned her attention to the landscape and set out to create a grand garden oasis. Up until the 1980's Madame Walska was "head gardener" and called all the shots; a true spitfire as they say. To learn more about Madame Walska and this historical hidden gem visit their website here.

In the same vein as Lotusland, RelayRides is the "hidden gem" of rental cars. Their unparalleled service and unique business model is changing the rental car industry in a big way! To learn more about RelayRides, check out their website here.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Made in America Mondays-Filson

I know the whole heritage thing seems to be slowing a bit, but just hear me out on one of my favorite  bag brands.  Filson, which got its start in 1897 by outfitting men bound for the Klondike Gold Rush, is all about sticking to its roots-comfort, protection and durability. Still around today and thriving in the Pacific Northwest, their products are made to last and built with only the finest leather, hardware and fabrics. This computer bag belongs to their more modern Black Collection. All Filson products, including travel bags are made in the USA.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Year of the Bib X Chairish-Styling an Accent Chair

1-Walnut Lamps/2-Accent Chair/3-Metal Teardrop Lamp/4-Sea Urchin Art/5-Horse Painting/6.-African Springbok Pillow/7-Raffia Wallpaper/8-Flokati Shag Rug /9-Vern+Vera /10-Mid-Century Cocktail glasses

I have a thing I like to say about decorating; do what you want to do and what pleases you. I am a rogue decorator and not one to follow any rules or decorating bylaws. My decorating style is also very mercurial; one minute I am in love with my simple beach bungalow aesthetics and the next I am desiring to create a rustic, Hemingway feel.  

Which is why Chairish, and I are a match made in decorating heaven. Chairish, which has been featured on Elle Decor, InStyle and Oprah Magazine, is an online marketplace  to buy and sell pre-loved furniture and home decor. No more wasting my Saturdays hoping to find some handsome "found objects" at a local garage sale. There is also no need to get up at the crack of dawn to be first in line at the Pasadena swap meet, everything I need and more can be found on this nifty site. 

Today the team at Charish asked me to style an orange accent chair, here is what I conjured up; most of the accompanied one of a kind items (minus the wallpaper and Wall Sea urchins) are available now on Chairish!