Monday, August 18, 2014

Made in America Mondays-Pendleton Woolen Mills

Today's Made in America feature is the ever timeless and classic Pendleton brand! I adore this company's rustic aesthetics, American dream story and high quality luxury fabrics. I re-discovered Pendleton last winter when I was rummaging through some clothing in my parent's attic. I found a bag chock-full of our family's old ski clothing.  Among the neon ski bibs, Bolle metallic tinted goggles and Esprit beanies. I pulled out a beautiful, tribal print wool Pendleton sweater. I was smitten and even asked its mom (my mom) for permission to bring it back to Southern California with me. I have great dreams for this sweater which includes a journey to Big Sur in the fall.

Be sure to check out their For Little Ones section, which includes insanely cute hand stitched artwork such as this.

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