Friday, August 1, 2014

Year of the Bib X Chairish-Styling an Accent Chair

1-Walnut Lamps/2-Accent Chair/3-Metal Teardrop Lamp/4-Sea Urchin Art/5-Horse Painting/6.-African Springbok Pillow/7-Raffia Wallpaper/8-Flokati Shag Rug /9-Vern+Vera /10-Mid-Century Cocktail glasses

I have a thing I like to say about decorating; do what you want to do and what pleases you. I am a rogue decorator and not one to follow any rules or decorating bylaws. My decorating style is also very mercurial; one minute I am in love with my simple beach bungalow aesthetics and the next I am desiring to create a rustic, Hemingway feel.  

Which is why Chairish, and I are a match made in decorating heaven. Chairish, which has been featured on Elle Decor, InStyle and Oprah Magazine, is an online marketplace  to buy and sell pre-loved furniture and home decor. No more wasting my Saturdays hoping to find some handsome "found objects" at a local garage sale. There is also no need to get up at the crack of dawn to be first in line at the Pasadena swap meet, everything I need and more can be found on this nifty site. 

Today the team at Charish asked me to style an orange accent chair, here is what I conjured up; most of the accompanied one of a kind items (minus the wallpaper and Wall Sea urchins) are available now on Chairish!

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