Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pre-Loved Clothing

Jacket-Petit Bateau (similar)/Pants-Baby Gap 

I am a big fan of recycling baby clothing, mainly due to the obvious financial reasons. Layla has out grown the newborn/infant stage and people expect her to be fully dressed and out of her jammies by noon.  In order to clothe my growing child and keep my pocket book plentiful, I have spent the past 6 months recruiting  pre-loved baby clothing, such as the adorable stripped jacket pictured above. This Petit Bateau coat deserves a standing ovation as Layla's two older cousins both wore this coat during their "12 month size" stint. It is a tiny miracle that this jacket is still in one piece and manages to look as good as new.

Besides raiding my nephew's closet, I discover great pre-loved baby apparel on E-Bay and Instagram. There are tons of Instagram accounts dedicated to pre-loved "Flash sales". For more information, follow Year of the Bib on Instagram and discover my favorite flash sale and E-Bay finds!  

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