Monday, September 8, 2014

5 Minute Makeup

These days getting ready in the morning is as challenging as pulling a rabbit out of a hat; in other words only a magician could pull it off. My makeup application is now performed in route to my morning's destination. Here are my 5 must haves to complete the job.

1. Laura Mercier concealer -This concealer specializes in covering up dark lines under the eyes.  Need I say more?

2. Dior Show mascara-Renown for maximizing volume which enhances tired eyes. (A good drug store option is Volume Express by Maybelline).

3. Bobby Brown eyeliner-Tired? Hungover? Have a baby? Haven't showered for a few days? If you answered yes to  any of the above then this stealthy liner is a must. Eyeliner can create optical allusions that no other makeup can achieve.

4. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer-Lite all over coverage with sunscreen. I have been using this power tool for the last 8 years.

5. Clinquie Chubby Stick-A little color goes a long way. I love this light pink hue; perfect for any daytime activity.

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