Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Steps

Shirt-Slyfox Threads/Headband-Little Hipsqueak/Leg Warmers-juDanzy
When your child turns 1 it seems everyone and their sister inquires about your child's first steps. My husband and I love to joke to the inquiring that Layla is really good at lounging. At almost 14 months she has yet to take her first solo step and her preferred method of transportation is being carried...wise child. Today something out of the ordinary occurred, Layla had a bee in her bonnet to be upright and she maneuvered from all fours to a standing position. Her balance was that of a drunken sailor and the precarious position ultimately scared her. Albeit no steps where taken, I was elated my toddler is one step closer to achieving agreeably one of the most important infant milestones.

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