Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ideas for a 4th of July Party

Layla's big first birthday celebration is just 5 days away and pulling this shindig off will be a buzzer beater, this party has turned into a full blown extravaganza with close to 100 RSVP's. I am slightly panicked with all the prep it takes to host a party and the past few days feels like my college finals week, minus the unproductive late night study sessions.

I am thankful I stumbled upon TomKat Studio, an online party planning think tank. The author, Kim Stoegbauer, has a plethora of amazing ideas for a variety of themed parties. Her Stars and Stripes themed Birthday party was exactly what I had envisioned for Layla's party! Also, I was able to purchase most of the swag on her online shop  which took the leg work out of finding the goodies on my own!

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  1. 4th of July Party photos are super amazing. It was really good to read this post. Do you have printables for all these decorations? Actually I am planning 4th of July theme party at some local LA venues for my husband’s birthday celebration.